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After millions of social media views, one thing is clear- everyone wants a Car Cabana! Ask our customers who are caregivers, adventurers, families, and parking lot potty trainers, the Car Cabana is making lives simpler worldwide! Privacy in public has never set up more simply or been more spacious- make your days a little sunnier with your Car Cabana today!


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Car Cabana

Secure Magnets

With its eight included magnets, the Car Cabana allows you to quickly and easily attach the lightweight fabric to the hatchback of your minivan or suv creating your personal beachside changing room in seconds.

Car Cabana

Sand Resistant

Sticky sand is the worst, right? It's basically the reason the Car Cabana was born- to get it all off before getting into the car! That's why it was so important to us that the fabric stays sand-free and easy to wash off! Just give it a quick shake or brush it off with your hand and all the sand will fall right off!

Car Cabana

Family Sized

Whether you've got a large crew or a large cooler, the Car Cabana is going to be your number one beach must-have! Now you can keep EVERYTHING out of the sand and on your family sized beach blanket! Fill the corner pockets with sand or use the included stakes so everything stays in its place!

Simplify your outdoor experience

No more public changing rooms or hot & sweaty cars. We've changed the way you change in public with the Car Cabana personal changing room! By placing strong magnets into a lightweight beach blanket, we made it possible to turn the space behind your vehicle into a personal changing room. Simply drape the durable blanket over the open hatchback and sides of your minivan or suv and in seconds you have a private space to change! This multi-use blanket is sure to become a go-to for your summer, you'll grab it for picnics, youth sports, camping trips, and the beach.

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