Hi! So good to meet you!

I believe in simple, sunny, smiley family beach days so I designed a product that helps you make your next family beach day just that. 

As a mom of five I've loaded up the mini van for countless trips to the beach. By the time the gear is packed, the kids are sun screened, and the AC is blowing I'm feeling really ready to go sit on a beach and continuously count 1-2-3-4-5 for the next few hours. It's our family's favorite way to spend a hot day, and all the work to get there always feels so worth it!

But even after the best planning, eventually the snacks are gone, the once refreshing water bottles melt into something almost undrinkable, and three of the five goggles are lost forever- it’s time to go. I tell the kids to go wash off in the water, “Shake out your bottoms, you’ve got a lot of sand in there!” but they never really do. By the time the trash is tossed, the towels are shaken, and the sand toys are rinsed, one of my kids is rolling in the sand and another is back in the water. This isn't just my kids, right?

There’s no way I had enough hands to bring a bag of clean clothes to change into before getting into the car down to the beach, and even if I did, I’m pretty sure the beach’s public changing room is on a list of “places most likely to get a weird disease, or at least accidentally step in wet and sandy toilet paper” and I don’t know which of those is worse. So, we bypass and head straight for the parking lot. 

We dump all the gear and I get the kids into their seats. Soggy, sandy bottoms and all. When we finally get home, sun-kissed and sleepy, the kids dash into the house and I’m left wondering if any sand was left at the beach or if all happened to make it into our already messy family car. I think to myself maybe this isn’t worth it, and of course it is…
but what if we could make it better?

From one mom to another, I’m so proud to be able to offer you a multi-functional outdoor product that will make your summer days simpler- and much less sandy!